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Shop for a Cause-- Product Companies that Give Back

Posted on August 24 2018

Whether you are shopping for gifts or necessities, it's nice to know that the companies making the products you purchase are making the world a better place through philanthropy, fair trade practices, and environmentally sensitive production. 

Conscious Step socks were founded as a social enterprise to fight for global causes. They work in partnership with organizations to create socks that support the provision of HIV therapy for expectant mothers (UNAIDS), school books to children (Room to Read), meals to starving children (Action Against Hunger), clean water to people without (Water.org) and trees planted for the good of all of us (Trees for the Future). Their sock materials are sourced in India from ecologically and socially sustainable supply chains.



Bitchstix uses organic ingredients, doesn't test on animals, and is palm oil-free. They chose an hot-button name to re-appropriate a word that has become a tool of oppression and shame and spark conversation and awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault. A portion of proceeds from the sale of Bitchstix products local organizations that fight these issues.





Blackwing pencils have been the first choice of writers and artists since the 1930s. Discontinued in the 1990s, pencils from the remaining stock went for as much as $40 each. In 2010, these coveted pieces were brought back featuring California incense-cedar and premium Japanese graphite-- and as always, their iconic square eraser. As a tenant of their mission statement, the Blackwing company pledges a portion of every Blackwing sale to benefit K-12 music and art programs.



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