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Be Soothed and Inspired by the Alchemy of S+M Fragrance

Posted on July 17 2015

The right scent has the power to be healing at an emotional and physical level, motivating longtime friends Shaun Bybee and Manuela King to create S+M Fragrance. Their natural, botanical essential oils are free of any synthetics, preservatives, or fixatives and are selected for purity, scent, and vibration.

Some mixtures contain a small crystal like opal, moonstone or carnelian to further tie into natural meditative and healing elements. Each fragrance oil is researched and carefully crafted to invoke the healing properties and energetic influences of scent, align with specific chakras, and bloom and subtly change with each wearers chemistry.



Currently in the store we have

  • Ocean Beach, inspired by the natural scents of the coast and properties of the crown chakra;
  • Time Traveler, to dig deep into soul memory and speak to the sacral and crown chakra;
  • Lucid Dreamer, evoking vibrations of love and peace and the power of the heart chakra; 
  • Haight Ashbury, created to spark peace, love, abandon and the attributes of heart and sacral chakras.


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