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All About Coclico and Why They Are So Cool

Posted on May 28 2015

By the standards of most of our wallets, Coclico shoes are a bit pricey.  But here is the thing: They are absolutely worth it. When you purchase and wear a pair of Coclicos, not only are you supporting the small, family run factory in Mallorca, Spain and the local artisans and suppliers who create these works of footwear art, you also support a company invested in sustainable and environmentally responsible production, who strives to reduce and offset its annual carbon usage. Additionally, you get a pair of shoes made by hand that get better and better with age-- the longer you wear them the more they express the experiences of your life in an artful, timeless way. Plus, they are damn comfortable and good looking (these people really know how to make a high heel). Coclico has a really thoughtful Instagram at coclicony-- they will inspire you to be inspired.

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